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The Heat is On

By Mark Sheperdigian - Pest Management Professional - November 23, 2009

Opinion piece on the use of heat to eliminate bed bugs. Sheperdigian discusses the advantages and disadvantages of using heat treatments.

Key Findings on Bed Bug Behavior at Lethal and Sub-Lethal Temperatures

By Dr. Raj Hulasare - Thermal Remediation® from TEMP-AIR - May 2009

Summary of research performed in collaboration with Dr. Stephen A. Kells of the University of Minnesota, funded by the Propane Education and Research Council.

The Bed Bugs Are Back

NPMA Pest Management Library - Jan/Feb 2009

Details on the latest in bed bug management and a comprehensive list of resources and materials to help you fight them. This article mentions that while the initial costs of heat as a control measure are high, the results have been impressive.

Battling Bed Bugs in the USA

By Michael F. Potter, Alvaro Romero, & Kenneth F. Haynes - Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on Urban Pests - 2008

This paper discusses the growing challenge of bed bug infestation in the United States, its ramifications, and state of management. It also includes some research findings with relevance to global bed bug management.

Bed Bugs Heat and Hotel Rooms

By Michael F. Potter, Alvaro Romero, Kenneth F. Haynes, & Tom Jarzynka - Pest Control Technology - August 2008

Limitations of current bed bug insecticides have fueled interest in non-chemical options, such as heat, to control infestations. Researchers from the University of Kentucky and PCOs from Massey Services put structural heating to the test in this first reported demonstration in hotel rooms.

History of Bed Bug Management

By Michael F. Potter - Pest Control Technology - August 2008

Article detailing the history of bed bug management strategies, from their ancient origins to the present time.

The Secret Life of Bed Bugs

By Kenneth F. Haynes, Alvaro Romero, Rebekah Hassell, & Michael F. Potter - NPMA Pestworld - March/April 2008

A National Pest Management Association article on the sublethal effects of insecticides on bed bug behavior.

Insecticide Resistant Bed Bugs - Implications for the Industry

By Alvaro Romero, Michael F. Potter, & Kenneth F. Haynes - Pest Control Technology - July 2007

In 2006, researchers at the University of Kentucky reported high levels of insecticide resistance in field-collected bed bugs. Details of the study are discussed in this article - along with sobering implications for the pest management industry.

Insecticide Resistance in the Bed Bug - A Factor in the Pests Sudden Resurgence

Alvaro Romero, Michael F. Potter, Daniel A. Potter, & Kenneth F. Haynes - Journal of Medical Entomology - March 2007

This paper details a study on the bed bug's resistance to insecticide applications. Extremely high levels of resistance to two pyrethroid insecticides, deltamethrin and A-cyhalothrin, relative to a susceptible colony, were detected in populations collected in human dwellings in Kentucky and Ohio. Evaluations of populations from across the United States indicate that resistance to pyrethroid insecticides is already widespread.

Turning the Heat on Bed Bugs

By Paul Rannick - Hotel Interactive - July 13, 2005

Rannick states that as pesticide use becomes more regulated and limited, one solution to the bed bug problem might be raising the temperature.

Bed Bugs Fact Sheet

Institute of Clinical Pathology & Medical Research - Department of Medical Entomology

ICPMR publication on bed bug history, clinical presentation, laboratory diagnosis, and treatment and control.

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