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Serving Your Business

  • Feed mills and grain storage and processing plants

  • Factories and warehouses

  • Hospitality industry

  • Churches and not-for-profits

  • Restaurants, cafeterias, and other food service businesses

  • Grocery stores and food storage businesses

  • Office buildings and plazas

  • Municipal buildings

  • Federally or provincially inspected meat processing plants


Our Approach To Pest Control


A proper inspection is the first step to a successful program. This inspection identifies pests and their location. It also identifies areas or conditions that may be conducive to future pest activity.



Quite often, the initial inspection will reveal problems in certain areas that need special attention. These problems may involve sanitation or structural problems that need to be addressed. We provide advice on how to alter structures or procedures to minimize pests.



Now we are ready to implement an 'IPM' or Integrated Pest Management program. This involves monitoring, and prevention as much as elimination of pests. Methods or control that are lowest risk are always preferred. Services contracted can be adjusted to reflect changes in your business as it grows.



Communication is the backbone of a successful pest management program. We provide a customized log book for your business. This includes required insurance certificates, licences, product labels, SDS sheets, as well as results from monitoring and treatment activities. It also contains a communications section where anyone in your organization can document pest issues to be addressed by Rural Routes Pest Control. Site maps are included. Reporting can be on paper or electronically, the choice is yours. This documentation will satisfy CIPRS, HACCP, CFIA, or any in house audit requirements.

Eliminate Your Pest Problem
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