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Agricultural Pest control

Agricultural Pest Control Services

Pests eat profits! Let us stop the damage and protect your investment.


Rural Routes Pest Control can stop rodents dead! House mice, field mice, or norway rats are no match for us.


From nuisance barn flies to grain insects and other stored product pests, we have the solutions you are looking for.


We offer pest control services for all types of farms including:

  • Dairy

  • Hog

  • Broiler

  • Layer

  • Cash Crop 


Our Approach To Pest Control


A thorough assessment is the first step to a successful program. This inspection identifies pests and their location. It also identifies areas or conditions that may be conducive to future pest activity. This can include finding entry points for rats and mice and leaks or openings that allow insect entry.



Quite often, the initial inspection will reveal problems in certain areas that need special attention. These problems may involve sanitation or structural problems that need to be addressed. We provide advice on how to alter structures or procedures to minimize pests.



An 'IPM' or Integrated Pest Management program will be tailored to your facility. This involves monitoring, and prevention as well as elimination of pests. Methods or control that are lowest risk are always preferred.



Communication is the backbone of a successful pest management program. We provide a customized log book for your business. This includes required insurance certificates, licences, product labels, SDS sheets, as well as results from monitoring and treatment activities.  Reporting can be on paper or electronically, the choice is yours. This documentation will satisfy CIPRS, HACCP, CFIA, and keep that other pest, 'the auditor' away!

Eliminate Your Pest Problem
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