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Every summer in Ontario, people look forward to spending time enjoying the outdoors. Then, they are confronted with hordes of hungry mosquitoes. Mosquitoes need to feed on us to lay eggs for the next generation. Only the female mosquitoes bite, the males feed on nectar, etc. The annoying buzz of a mosquito will drive many people crazy, and the itchy bites are not soon forgotten.


Mosquitoes in Ontario can spread Zika and West Nile viruses. If you suspect that you have contracted one of these viruses you should consult your doctor. Fortunately, here in Ontario the more serious mosquito borne disease of Malaria does not occur.

Our Mosquito Services

Rural Routes Pest Control can ensure a safe and pleasant outdoor environment for you and your family. We offer one time services for special occasions such as weddings, BBQ’s or family reunions as well as summer long programs.


One of our fully licensed technicians will visit your home and give you a quote for the protection you need. Our seasonal service consists of a treatment approximately every four weeks. The results are great - call today to inquire.

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