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Spiders or spider webs!

It’s hard to say whether people despise the webs or their makers more. There is nothing worse than walking through a bunch of spider webs on your way out to the deck with your morning coffee. Then you sweep away all the webs and get ready to do it all again tomorrow.


We can help with those nasty webs and spiders. Our treatment covers all the common hiding spots for spiders around the eaves, soffits, deck and door and window frames. Then tomorrow you can just enjoy your coffee. And put your broom away!


Common Spiders

In south western Ontario the spiders we encounter most are cross orb weaving spiders. They are commonly called European Garden Spider, Cross Spider, Diadem Spider, Crowned Orb-weaver, Garden Spider, Garden Cross Spider. They are prolific web makers but are non toxic. Some spiders hunt by attack instead of webs. This includes wolf spiders, nursery spiders and various jumping spiders. 


Poisonous Spiders

The only native spider that we have that has toxic venom is the Black Widow Spider. Females have a distinctive hourglass shape on the abdomen ranging from yellow to red. The hourglass shape is not always perfect but recognizable. They tend to weave a messy looking web on the bottom side of shelter areas in outbuildings etc. Usually  not far from the ground. The bite can give a nasty reaction, but is rarely fatal. Brown recluse spiders have been known to be found in Ontario, but are not native and are imported inadvertently.


Rural Routes Pest Control will treat with safe and long lasting products to give extended protection from spiders and their unsightly webs. We treat cracks and crevices, as well as, harbourage areas to keep these pests away.

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